My Hero

“…that world never came.

And they say that our hero would save us…”

Perfect start for a blog of a hero worshipper like me. 

Our Hero,
to do what He does the best, bash the odds. It’s amazing how the odds are always stacked against him even with all those superpowers.

Our Hero,
Someone we love to love, for the lack of adorable people in our lives.

Our Hero, not necessarily someone we look up to or would like to become. 

Our Hero, extremely handy, and a must for daily household chores. 

I fall prostrate in awe and thank my hero for being who He is. 



3 thoughts on “My Hero

  1. now that is really interesting…
    U seem to be a die hard hero worshipper so i have a question for you?
    what if your Hero does something u just did not expect him to do or something opposite to the very reasons he is your hero would u still worship him with same devotion??

  2. hello,
    thanks a lot for visiting.
    Let me clarify my stand.
    I don’t worship heroes because of what they do or what they don’t. thats because i don’t make heroes because of who they are. i make heroes because i need heroes, and as i have always said “in these hard bad times we can’t afford to maintain ideals, conscience or self esteem”
    makes sense?
    take care.

  3. well i guess it does make sense..
    sometimes results or consequences mean more to some and when its hard to make those consequences happen,any means of making them would do!!
    so i guess in hard times ideals go into the attic of the mind like unused heirlooms! hmmm wierd comparison i have made..but in the end it depends on the person..
    As for your stand on heroes i think i now get your idea of a hero ! so goodluck finding heroes when you need them.
    bye till you come up with something else!

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