If I lose faith, what good can the grace do?

If I lose grace, what use can I put my faith to?

If I lose both, why should I continue living?

But since I have lost none, its thanks that I’m giving.



On a very unpleasant Thursday afternoon, some considerable years ago, in the Middle East, in the settings of a law court of the governor a question was asked. Never again has this question been asked, and answered, with the severity that affects the human kind as it was then. What the governor asked the populace then I shall ask you now.

 Ladies and gentlemen, for the post may I now present before you – “Jesus who is also called Christ” and ask- 

“Then what shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ?”

And just to provide you with options of what all can be done, I shall enlist what all has been done by people who had to deal with the question and the person.

We can keep him in drawing rooms as show piece, take Him out, dust Him, shed a few tears for Him and then keep Him safe back in there lest He be hurt.

We can bind Him, nail Him and crucify Him, its tried and tested, it works.

We can keep him handy in our pockets putting Him to excellent use from crisis to crisis. (Much advised, especially for examinations)

 We can conveniently ignore Him on drinking binges and the nights that follow. (Much more advised)

 Most Christian take Him out every Sunday, some the Saturday before, but only after taking a bath, dressing up and wearing a nice cologne, lest he know.

Some, like me, don’t take Him out even then for I know I can’t fool him.

Some betray Him, or barter Him for better job, girl or place.

Some wear Him around their neck, some as white robes, some as cool t-shirts and some on their sleeves.

For some He goes well with incense, for some He goes well with a guitar. 

Some who profess to love Him can sit on his love, afraid to share or lose Him.

Best of all, some completely ignore Him; all they have to do is do nothing. By that they only postpone the decision.

I can go on but it hurts, all I want you to do is decide today, because you might make a foolish decision when confronted with the same during a crisis.


Circa 26 A.D., there was not one person who knew Him and realized what to do with Him until too late.

We know, do we realize?

“Then what shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ?”

PS:This post is stored under the category Infantspeak, for I speak only about what I know and understand, like an infant. Also because I do not know what is good for me and what is not. And lastly because there are some things I simply cannot do, not unlike an adult but very characteristic of a child.

On gratitude

I am so cold, so cold within,

Sun has drowned, fear grips in.

Down on my knees, I beg you please,

Make no noise, my soul would freeze.

I had a heart, I let it rot,

They say it hurts but I know not.

You crib about darkness, I’ve never seen light,

You damn the wrong, I’ve never been right.

All you saints suffocate me to death,

And I only thank you for my last breath.