This and that

The secret of frequent blogging I guess is: frequent blogging and not much else. As someone once told me, “I don’t really care what you write about as long as I get to read it.” Doesn’t make much sense but I will oblige from now on. More frequently that is.

Time for a few updates:

I am working now, so gone are the days of idle-atory at college, enter the days of idle-atory at work. They just can’t get me down.

I have also moved to a new place due to reason mentioned above which is very annoying. Moving, not the place. This means lesser time with family and friends and more time with people who will be your friends in due time. Place I am staying is great, couldn’t have asked for better.

With so many changes in my life, it’s strange that there is nothing I am looking forward to, except weekend maybe, but it has been the norm for last 3 years.


Few things I genuinely want to change in this world.

– My work schedule.

– The colors in the template we use for everything at work.

– The formal dress code at work.

– My shoes.


Sounds like work and world are interchangeable. “Tough luck mate, they got you down!” I hear you say.


Till ‘morrow.





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