Mridul who?

This guy Mridul is your average Joe, as average as they come. Lives a pretty laid back life, and dreams of ways to continue living so. He takes life as a necessary evil and a day for him is an annoying time between two naps. He had lost interest in active living a long time ago and now grudgingly shows signs of life during an Arsenal match, and occasionally when his girlfriend is around. He rarely ever questions stuff life throws at him, quietly celebrating mediocrity and trusting Christ to love him enough.

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8 thoughts on “Mridul who?

  1. Gods favourite.. his state of existence is unperturbable (does that word exst?).. rarely gets worried.. but over the right things.. always game..
    anyways, good work with the blog site.. waiting to see your wit spill over in these pages..!

  2. Definitely a nice pic, a sure shot way to make a person look nice…add lots of darkness.

    Also a much awaited blog and great work, sincerely. Somehow very relatable. Gone is Rahul Phondke from the top list of bloggers.

  3. not average, but above it for sure, usually underestimates himself, god’s favourite… most of the time in the soup,surviving on the edge, amazing writer,thinks well and always know the right thing to say,a little late in this blog stuff,shold have done ages before,banda cool hai with coolest and rarest life philosphies,and the pic is hot……ladkiyan toh gayi,seducing…..keep spilling out more.

  4. great work buddy….always knew u were a deeper person than u seemed to be… guess those blogs prove it well enough.. n lik ur frnd says above avg for sure…gr8 u made me read this

  5. He is some one made me think!
    the substances and architecture is quite interesting.
    He is some where in between an African native and a Greek God, he behaves more like a chesty hun.
    His acts makes you believe that a great temple holds greatest idol. Man with never tiring energy and thought process. his first impression any body is over-grandeur persona.
    but actually if you start getting a long to him , you will find he is just finesse in his ventures.
    that what i felt , not judged about him.
    Judgment proves astonishing results, his caring to people and never forgets them. His brilliance is above par. i know the level of rationality his brain is having can yield success in any career field. the confidence is prominent part of his serenity.
    Man,I’m not his friend nor his foe, but as I’m related to him in some way. I’m making my efforts to portray the Painting as I have in my brain.
    I guess I’m not offending anyone.

    PS: the thought is entirely personal, not to attack somebodies dignity.

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