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What you desire is what you become.” Thus saith conventional wisdom, but that’s beside the point and therefore I have started with it. My point is: no matter what you become, it doesn’t really matter.                                    

No seriously, as they ask in the IBM promo, “What makes you special?” Think about it. The mind-boggling figure you share this space with, and all of them quite like you.You may be a result of try-outs of a new position, or worse, miscalculation of days or worse still, the bubble in the rubber. And that is just the start, literally. You might have been the sperm who won over others, but  thousands won that day. You share your birthday with thousands and your birth date with a lot more. Don’t be surprised if your very minute was hijacked as well. 

You shared your school with different thousands, and you fought with them for one of the front seats, or the last, if you please. If you go to a good college, you leave behind the billions and join ‘the’ million. Employed? Join the club comprising half the world. Unemployed? Join the other half. Millionaire? There are more than a million millionaires.Noble prize winner? A lot of you have come and gone. Married? Unmarried?  Nothing is out of the world and that applies for your girlfriend/boyfriend as well, and Single has always been a popular and overcrowded category around here.

I hate the IBM commercial, but it also makes me realize the vainness of the emotions like jealousy, hatred and most of all pride. I do not have anything particular against these except what a self-righteous person is justified to have. They just seem out of place. Love and other nice sounding words might give you a reason to live and feel special, but what purposes do these have?

And as some very, very wise man once said, “Sorry for the mess.”